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Welcome to Enjoy the Online Gala Show Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-Australia Diplomatic Relations Hosted by the Chinese Consulate General in Perth
2022-12-21 15:45

Today (21 December) marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Commonwealth of Australia. Then Chinese and Australian leaders, Chairman Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai and Prime Minister Gough Whitlam acted in the fundamental interests of the two countries and two peoples and made the political decision of historic significance. And half a century’s friendly exchanges between China and Australia have brought great benefits to both countries.

To commemorate this special event in China-Australia relationship, the Chinese Consulate General in Perth is going to launch an Online Gala Show by Western Australian primary and secondary school students at 15:30 today. Please scan the following QR codes to enjoy the excellent shows at our WeChat and Facebook accounts.

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The program of the show is as the following:


Piano   Solo: Praise to My Country

by   Tonia Wont

   Chinese Classical Poetry Recital - “ Three Character Canon”
   by Oberthur Primary School Grade 4 Students


Chinese   Classical Poem Recital- “Spring Dawn ”

by Oberthur   Primary School Students Qiaoling and Qianlong

古筝表演 《春江花月夜》—澳博思小学六年级学生

Guzheng   Performance -”Moonlight over the Spring River”
   by Oberthur Primary School Grade 6 Students


Kitten   Fishing

by Chung   Wah Perth Chinese

钢琴曲:茉莉花 浏阳河

Piano   Solo: The Jasmine by the Liuyang River

by   Celine Gibb

    Chinese Culture Duet Performance - Guzheng   and Song

“Little   Swallow”

by   Oberthur Primary School Students Qiaoling and Qianlong


The   Ballad of Mulan

by Chung   Wah Perth Chinese School


Peacock   Dance of the Dai Ethnic Group
   by Oberthur Primary School Grade 4-6 Students


Kong   Rong Shares the Pears

by   Chuang Wah Atwell Chinese School


Piano   Solo: Lights Remember China

by   Nola Song

《中国武术》—西澳澳中友协中文图书馆 高孝然&高心然

Chinese Kongfu

by ACFSWA Chinese Library Xiaoran Gao   & Xinran Gao

《小筷子 大中国》—澳大利亚少儿艺术教育学院

The Tale   of Chopsticks

by   Australian Children Art Education Academy

《这世界那么多人》—西澳澳中友协中文图书馆 刘若雨&高孝然

Empty World

by ACFSWA Chinese Library Ruoyu Liu & Xiaoran Gao


You Are   Beautiful When You Smile

by Chuang   Wah Atwell Chinese School


Piano   Solo: Four Seasons of My Country

by   Allen Lu

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