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Putting People First And Conducting Diplomacy in the Interest of the People
2020-02-26 15:43

On the afternoon of 19 January 2020, no more than a week before the most important traditional Chinese festival-Lunar New Year, the Chinese Consulate General in Perth received a phone call for help from Mr. Fan’s family, who had come to Western Australia to spend their holiday from Shenzhen, Guangdong province and very unfortunately encountered a traffic accident. Mr. Fan was flown over to a hospital in Perth right away for emergency treatment in intensive care unit and had since sunk into unconsciousness.

After receiving the phone call, Consul He Yifan, deputy Consul Wang Jia and volunteer Kang Kai rushed to the hospital to provide assistance and helped the family find a temporary accommodation in Perth. 10 days after the accident, Mr. Fan still showed no signs of awakening, we contacted the renowned local Chinese Medicine Doctor Mr. Xu Chaoji, who has successfully saved several lives suffering similar severe brain damage by Chinese traditional acupuncture treatment. Dr. Xu readily agreed to treat Mr. Fan through intervention of traditional Chinese Medicine.

After obtaining approval from the hospital, Dr. Xu started acupuncture treatment on Mr. Fan from February 5th. Thanks to the joint efforts of the hospital and Doctor Xu, a miracle happened a few days later! Mr. Fan awoke from a deep coma, gradually recovered memory and language functions and began to practice some basic sitting and standing movements, making progress every day. Everyone was thrilled and his family gave him tremendous encouragement and motivation. Mr. Fan said after recovering consciousness, “I hope to celebrate my daughter’s birthday in March in China.”

Now Mr. Fan has fully recovered and returned to Shenzhen to resume his work. He and his family expressed sincere gratitude to the hospital, Doctor Xu Chaoji, Chinese Consulate General in Perth and Chinese Associations in WA.

When Mr. Fan’s was battling hard for life, China was also fighting an all out war against COVID-19. In very tough times, each and every Chinese citizen’s safety and wellbeing is carefully taken care of by Chinese diplomatic and consular missions around the world, the guiding principles of which are putting people first and conducting diplomacy in the interest of the people.

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