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Remarks by Consul General Long Dingbin at the ACBC WA-CCCA Perth Branch 6th Ping Pong Friendship Games
2021-09-02 18:49

Hon. Roger Cook MLA, Deputy Premier of WA,

Mr. James Clark, President of ACBC WA Branch,

Mr. Sun Xiaoxuan, President of CCCA Perth Branch,

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends & athletes,

Good morning!

Ping Pong is China’s de facto national sport, and you can find tables in the government units, companies, schools as well as local communities and even in the countryside in China.

Thank you President Clark & President Sun for kindly inviting me to enjoy the Ping Pong Friendship Games with all of you. It is the first time for me to attend this activity since my arrival.It’s really a great initiative for ACBC WA and CCCA Perth Branch to organize this annual Ping Pong Friendship Games in Perth.

My thanks also go to the Premier and Deputy Premier for your strenuous efforts to bring COVID-19 under good control so that WA people can enjoy the freedom to move around and we can now gather here for sports and fun.I am so delighted that Deputy Premier has interests in Ping Pong as well, and I am looking forward to inaugurating the Friendship Games with you today.

China-America Ping Pong diplomacy is famous in the world.Australia’s Ping Pong athletes also visited China in 1971. This 21 April marks 50 years of the meaningful visit. Australian Ping Pong team’s visit to China, 11days after the one made by the United States, functioned as a thaw in China Australia relations and paved the way for Gough Whitlam’s historic visit two months later,just 6 days earlier than Mr.Kissinger’s.

China and Australia are going to celebrate our 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties next year. History has shown us that small balls can set the big ones in motion. Now we are standing here to witness and live the legacy of our forerunners. We are duty bound to join hands to contribute to the healthy development of our bilateral relations and ensure China Australia friendship thrive in another 50 years.

Please enjoy your games and have fun.

Thank you.

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